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                                                                                                                           February 7, 2018


A recording of the NAGE Advocacy Mentoring Network webinar from February 1st, 2018 is now available. We would appreciate your feedback if you participated in the webinar. Your answers to this brief anonymous survey will help us improve future webinars.

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Jennifer Jurado Severance, PhD
NAGE Secretary
Assistant Professor, Center for Geriatrics
Program Administrative Director, HRSA GWEP WE HAIL Program
Director, Education and Research Programs
University of North Texas Health Science Center

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Fort Worth, TX 76107

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                                                                                                                       January 26, 2018

                 President’s Update to the NAGE/NAGEC Membership

Thank you all for your ongoing support of NAGE/NAGEC. I hope this update finds you well in the New Year and trust that you, your families and your geriatrics clinical and educational programs are thriving.

With the assistance of other officers, the Board and our lobbyist Brian Lindberg I have prepared a brief review and update on recent events, future possibilities and what to look out for in coming days. The NAGE/NAGEC leadership is committed to providing you with timely updates on the legislative process and how it may impact GWEP funding.

Here is what we know from Congress about appropriations:

After a three-day government shutdown Congress agreed to fund the government though February 8 and the President signed the Continuing Resolution Bill on January 23. The bill also reauthorized and funded the CHIP program for six years. Politics and winners and losers aside, Congress must work to determine the final funding levels in the next few weeks and reach an agreement on the DACA/Dreamers issue and border security. Once the hot political issues are resolved and a Budget Cap is determined for total spending, the amounts for defense and non-defense budgets can be set. Thereafter, an Omnibus appropriations bill can be worked out which would include GWEP funding. The good news is that we have strong support for GWEP specific and overall Title 7 appropriations bills in the Senate and the House, thanks in part to NAGE/NAGEC’s advocacy efforts along with those of the Elder Workforce Alliance, AGS and other partners.

Here is what we know about HRSA and ongoing GWEP grant work:

As you know, it was announced in the monthly GWEP call on January 17th that if the FY2018 Appropriations bill is passed (and not just another short term continuing resolution) that includes HRSA geriatrics programming (which we anticipate) then HRSA anticipates authorizing a one-year extension for current grantees in good standing who are analyzing system level or patient level outcomes. NAGE/NAGEC is in regular contact with HRSA staff and we hope to have details for you soon. It is certainly reassuring to know that our friends at HRSA are working hard to foster the success and continuation of the GWEP program, but we need to ensure that Congress shows its strong support for GWEP by reauthorizing the program this year and providing at least level funding in the current appropriations process. Thus, we will be asking for your assistance in contacting Members of Congress again in the coming weeks.

Additional Updates:

The GWEP preconference at AGS will be May 2 which is a Wednesday. Please register and make your arrangements early. We hope to see you there! We are hoping to arrange a social hour for NAGE members later that evening and will keep you updated.

We have had some new NAGE leaders step forward. Anna Chodos will be taking the lead on Nominations at our annual meeting. Jennifer Severance has stepped in as Secretary.

Please remember to call in for our next advocacy webinar this coming Thursday for a more detailed update. Title: Advocacy on Reauthorization and Funding: Strategies for 2018, Thursday, February 1, 2018, Noon – 1pm (Eastern)

Stay warm and contact me or any of the officers with suggestions, concerns or questions.

With real gratitude for your membership in the organization,


Chief, Div. of Geriatrics, Palliative Care & Post-Acute Medicine
Director, Geriatrics Consultation Service
Program Director, Geriatric Medicine Fellowship
Hospice Medical Director, Baystate Health
Prof. of Medicine, Univ. of Massachusetts-Baystate
Adjunct Prof. of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine

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 Please take this time to let your Senators and Members of Congress know how important your geriatric education program is to your community, the state, and the quality of care provided by health care professionals to older adults across the nation.
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