Government Affairs


NAGE, as an organization representing the interests of health care professionals and others committed to enhancing interdisciplinary education and training in care of the elderly, plays a leadership role advocating locally and nationally for funding to support geriatric education. The NAGE leadership and its members, including students, faculty, health care practitioners of multiple disciplines, and other member organizations, actively engage in educating the public and legislators about the need for a health care workforce trained to care for the growing numbers of elderly and enhancing access to care for minority and underserved populations. NAGE devotes time and energy to fostering relationships with members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as officials in federal agencies, about issues confronting professionals in geriatrics and gerontology and monitors key legislation affecting NAGE'S mission, goals and objectives.

NAGE activities include:

  • Educating and informing the public and our legislators about the need for training adequate numbers of the health professions workforce in geriatrics to meet the challenges of caring for a rapidly growing elderly population
  • Advocating for legislative, regulatory, and public policy initiatives, which ensure access to effective, clinically appropriate care provided by health professionals trained in the care of the elderly
  • Advocating for funding for Geriatric Education Centers, Geriatric Fellowships, and Geriatric Academic Career Awards (GACA) and other entities or programs dedicated to improving the geriatric knowledge, skills and attitudes of the health care workforce
  • Educating and informing NAGE membership about the long and short-term policy developments which affect the training of health professions and impact the care and ultimate health and well-being of older persons
  • Producing and disseminating educational materials, curricula, and publications through multiple media to enhance the knowledge of the public and health professionals about new advances in geriatrics and gerontology education and intervention

NAGE Legislative Affairs Committee

This committee consists of members of the NAGE Board of Directors and NAGE members appointed by the NAGE Executive Committee. The committee works with policy makers specific to national initiatives and public policies related to health care of older adults.