Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines for Photograph(s), Audio, or Video Postings

These guidelines are to be followed for submission of photographs, audio, or video postings from NAGE/NAGEC members. Postings that are accepted will be kept on the Media Gallery for up to four months; then they will be archived on the site. Please send any questions you may have to WDC prior to submission.

  • For submissions include: (1) the name, (2) phone number, and (3) email of the person submitting the posting.
  • Send pertinent information about the posting; (1) when and where it was taken/recorded and (2) names of persons included. Include this information on the captions (1-2 sentences) for the media to help expedite postings on the site. The Website Development Committee (WDC) reserves the right to edit the caption(s).
  • Submit a consent form(s) signed by the person(s) in the posting. (see page 2)
  • Photographs must be submitted via email only. NAGE/NAGEC is granted the right to use copies of the image(s) on the website that support its mission and goals, without compensation.
  • Images with a watermark will not be accepted.
  • Please use a digital camera when submitting a photo. The WDC reserves the right to resize images for optimum web display.
  • Send all media AND signed consent forms via email to WDC.

Currently, we are unable to post audio and video submissions; however, we encourage you to contact the WDC by email about your material.