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This is a recording of the first meeting of the NAGE Advocacy Mentoring  Network which took place on April 28 at 4:00 pm (Eastern). Sponsored by the National Association of Geriatric Education (NAGE), the Advocacy Mentoring Network will be a series of online discussions geared toward supporting your crucial advocacy efforts to save GWEP funding. Each network meeting will feature the opportunity to share your successes and challenges with a team of experienced policy mentors. There will also be important information presented by Brian Lindberg, NAGE Public Policy Advisor.


Dear NAGE Members

As you know, Congress had not funded the federal government through the end of FY 2017.  Last week they passed a compromise bill to fund the government for another week while they worked out the final details. Over the weekend, the Republicans and the Democrats reached an agreement that will provide funding through September 30, 2017.  The House is likely to vote on the bill on Wednesday with the Senate to follow shortly thereafter, leading the President’s signature.

At this point, the budget allocation for Geriatrics within HRSA, which funds the GWEPS, remains flat from FY2016 and GWEPs would be funded at $38,737,000. Attached is a table with proposed funding levels for Titles VII & VIII Health Professions Programs.

More to come and let’s continue our fight for an increase for FY 2018!

NAGE will continue to increase our support for your advocacy efforts for GWEP funding. Information about future meetings of the NAGE Advocacy Mentoring Network will be out soon.


The Board of Directors+
National Association for Geriatric Education

FY 17 Labor-H Titles VII and VIII Funding Chart

Special Federal Government Budget Update by Brian Lindberg
Please watch for information on what is going on with GWEP funding.

Published 3.31.2017

Recent advocacy efforts have resulted in 98 House Members and 29 Senators signing letters urging appropriators to  provide $280 million for Title VII programs in the FY 2017 Labor-H appropriations bill.

FY 2017 House Title VIII Nursing Workforce Letter
FY 2017 Senate Title VIII Nursing Workforce Letter

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Public policy updates on issues that concern N-AGE and NAGEC members authored by Brian W. Lindberg Executive Director, Consumer Coalition for Quality Health care. Prior to his current position, Mr. Lindberg worked in Congress for 10 years – most recently as the staff director of the House Select Committee on Aging’s Subcommittee on Housing and Consumer Interests, and prior to that on the Senate Special Committee on Aging. E-mail Brian Lindberg at