Partnerships for Health in Aging-NAGE

Partnerships for Health in Aging (PHA)

PHA_BANNER4The overall mission of the PHA is to develop and coordinate advocacy strategies to assure needed support, to prepare the formal and informal caregiving workforce to provide quality care for America’s aging population, and to ensure the financial feasibility of providing that care. In June 2008, the American Geriatrics Society convened a meeting of 21 organizations representing healthcare professionals who care for older adults. The goal was to discuss how these organizations could work together to advance recommendations from the 2008 Institute of Medicine Report, “Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce,” and to advocate for ways to meet the healthcare needs of the nation’s rapidly growing older population. This meeting led to the development of a loose coalition–the Partnerships for Health in Aging (PHA)–that identified as its first step the development of a set of core competencies in the care of older adults that are relevant to and can be endorsed by all health professional disciplines. A subsequent project has focused on expanding interdisciplinary teamwork training in geriatrics.

PHA IDT Position Statement