Mission, Goals & Objectives-NAGEC

NAGEC Mission, Goals & Objectives


The mission of NAGEC is to support the national network of geriatric education centers which are  dedicated to improving the education/training, supply, distribution and quality of health care professionals through strong community-academic partnership, and ultimately to improve the quality of health care for all older adults, including the underserved and minorities.


  • To provide a forum that serves as a voice for the goals and interests of the nation’s geriatric education centers
  • To facilitate the development and distribution of professional educational and technical assistance materials to the NAGEC membership
  • To provide a mechanism for policy development and dissemination to external audiences regarding the missions, goals and impact of GEC programs
  • To facilitate collaboration with other organizations or partners that have an interest in issues related to health care education in geriatrics and gerontology
  • To provide an organization that will work with other interest groups in geriatrics and gerontology to enhance opportunities for the education of health care practitioners in geriatrics and gerontology
  • To have a geriatric education center serving all 50 states
  • To facilitate collaboration or action between geriatric education centers
  • To provide guidance to the United States Public Health Service and other organizations in the development of programs to enhance the education of health care practitioners, policy makers, organizations, and the public about necessary priorities in geriatric education
  • To disseminate information in the field of geriatric education