Eligibility of Members. Membership in NAGEC is open to any Geriatric Education Center that has paid the Category I annual membership fee to the National Association for Geriatric Education (NAGE).

Benefits of Membership:

  • offers tangible support for the mission and major objectives of NAGEC
  • allows submissions to and receipt of the GEC Pipeline newsletter and other NAGEC communications
  • facilitates close interaction with NAGE membership
  • enables participation in GEC quarterly conference calls
  • offers voting privileges at the annual meeting & permits GEC staff and consortium partners to serve on the NAGEC Board and Committees

Membership Privileges. Geriatric Education Center representatives of member organizations shall have the privilege of the floor, may hold office in the Corporation, and may vote. There shall be one vote per Geriatric Education Center membership.

NAGE/NAGEC 2017 Membership Letter

NAGE/NAGEC 2017 Membership Application

Applications must be accompanied by the current annual membership fee payable to National Association for Geriatric Education (NAGE).

Questions? Contact Leland “Bert” Waters at .