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NAGEC Board and Committee Directory

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the four officers of the corporation: the President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary. The Executive Committee’s primary role is to act as the Board’s agent in the case of urgent issues that need immediate attention and that cannot wait until the entire board is convened. The Committee advises the Board President on matters regarding the corporation’s operations. It meets on an ad hoc basis and has the authority to make and act on decisions.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee serves in an advisory capacity, assisting the Treasurer of NAGE/NAGEC with regard to any and all financial issues that arise. It meets on an ad hoc basis, as requested by the Treasurer. Examples of tasks previously completed by the committee include: reviewing and adjusting investment plans, reviewing financial reports, recommending budget adjustments, and assisting the Treasurer with following-up of non-payment of membership dues.

Nominating Committee
Membership Committee
Web Development Committee
Education and Training Committee
Legislative Affairs Committee

Ad Hoc Committees

Geriatric Emergency Preparedness & Response

NAGEC has seven standing committees and two ad hoc committees.. The President or the Board of Directors may form other committees, and ad hoc task forces committees to meet the mission and goals of the organization. Members in good standing are eligible to serve in these committees. The President appoints from the membership all members of the standing committees and other committees and designates the Chairpersons with approval from the Board.

If the Chairperson is not a Board member, the President shall appoint a Board member as a Board Liaison Committee member. The powers, duties, and reporting responsibilities of these committees and task forces shall be approved by the Board of Directors.